Include version number in git SHA-1 Hash

It will loke like this:


1. How it works

You can use to generate a “magic value” that, when appended to the commit message, generates a commit with the desired starting hash.


2022/11/21 15:56:04 Time: 12m19.962437166s
2022/11/21 15:56:04 Tested: 1.0845869819e+10
2022/11/21 15:56:04 14.66 MH/s
2022/11/21 15:56:04 Found: 00000000508749e5231fa5b43efcf7ac31385058


$ git cat-file commit 00000000508749e5231fa5b43efcf7ac31385058
tree 2ccda48edc8ed3a96ac7576c57a5d645de2396f6
parent ad877a8e0240bdec6757781fdc3f2b45b8ced7a2
author Gustav Westling <REMOVED> 1669040942 +0100
committer Gustav Westling <REMOVED> 1669041794 +0100

blog: start working on a blogpost for extremely linear git history

magic: MTQIpN2AmwQA