Windows Sane Chromium Installation

How to install ungoogled-chromium in Windows with automatic updates and Chrome’s Web Store (+ ublock-origin).

  1. Download the latest release:
  2. Unzip in, for example, Documents
  3. Edit chrlauncher.ini and modify the following property:
  1. Create a new file open.bat with the following contents:
START /B C:\Users\vm\Documents\chrlauncher\chrlauncher.exe

Note: change the script if the location of installation/folder name is different.

  1. Right click on open.bat and create shortcut, move it to the Desktop and change the Name/Icon to the chromium ones

  2. In the chrlauncher folder run SetDefaultBrowser.bat as admin (right click), then select “Web browser” at the end and choose “chrlauncher”.

  3. Open the icon from the desktop, it will automatically download Chromium the first time & the updates each time you open it. It won’t be visible (only for a few miliseconds) each time you open your browser.

  4. Open the browser and go to URL chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling, then select Always prompt for install.

  5. Restart the browser

  6. Download the latest .crx release from:

  7. Open the downloaded file, the browser should install the extension

  8. Go to and install uBlock

Now you have a privacy oriented and decent browser.