R3CTF - hideandseek Writeup

Author: Ernesto Martínez García

Tags: r3ctf ctf misc

This challenge involves a Minecraft server where an NPC is teleported each 10 seconds randomly in the (0, 0, 0) (128, -50, 128) range.

You have a command /newtp X Y Z that lets you teleport.

One of the main issues is that the NPC tends to suffocate as it spawns generally between blocks without any space (it doesn’t check for an empty space to teleport to).

In this challenge we got a bit lucky and found the NPC without the need of an script as we got him in a big cave.

We just installed Meteor Client (Minecraft Client w/ Cheats), enabled all the Tracers, Flyhacks, Freecam and similar things and teleported randomly.

At some point we got him floating in a cave and I was fast enough to teleport and catch him.


For a better solution, check out the second stage.